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What Drives Us:
Michael Barmash Colliers 100 Story "Sign Painter Artist's Son"

Author: Elizabeth Brand


What drives a century of change? Passionate people making a difference in their fields every day. 


Michael Barmash has been building relationships and driving change throughout Philadelphia for more years than he would prefer to count. His reputation for knowing the market, putting in the work for his clients and demonstrating respect and mentorship to all who join him in the industry he loves is well known. All this, served up with his one-of-a-kind charm, is an art - and something that has made Colliers special through the years.


See what drives Michael in a new Colliers 100 Story Sign Painter Artist's Son:


Watch our blog grow over Colliers centennial celebration year


Kimberly Salesky   3/1/2021


Elizabeth Brand   6/1/2021


Elizabeth Brand   9/14/2021

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